Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Like Fun! Episode 14

An Hour of Power! Greg and Josh return! after a two week beer vacation our hosts re-enter the podcast world in proper form. For one special night the boys imbibe what they initially think is 1.5oz per minute of Moon Man (New Glarus Brewing) for sixty minutes. What the Boys don't know is that the Sjou glasses they are using are roughly double that size. What unfolds is both hilarious and disgusting, proceed with an open mind and be prepared for more gas and idiocy than usual as this episode is totally uncut as per the rules of the game.

Our hosts take you on a journey through Colorado and South Dakota, they talk about traffic, beer, Brexit (for some reason...), Furby, and Barf...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Like Fun! Episode 13

It's a super special episode this week as Greg and Josh are interviewing Giotto, head of marketing at Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI and that is just the beginning! The boys are psyched to try some burgers at "Burgers and Brews" which occurs at Capital Brewing that very day! Drunk children, Local Kayaking stops, Gorillas, and Pokemon Go! are all on the menu, bon app├ętit

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Like Fun! Episode 12

Soouper Soory for the late post friends! This week Greg and Josh get all up in Man-Rings, PTSD, Bromance, UP Nort, and Third eye Blind lyrics. The boys enjoy a fantastic Wild Sour Ale by Surly and review Menage T, a collaboration effort by Tyranena, Title Town, and Trixie's.