Friday, July 29, 2016

Like Fun! Episode 17

Swampy sums things up pretty well. This week the boys suffer through the Midwestern Heatwave. Thankfully they find refuge in the arms of Phil Hoechst, owner and brewmaster at Hop Haus Brewing Co. in Verona WI. Phil serves up a slew or hoppy brews at his pub as well as a killer Scottish Ale (among others). Phil and the Boys discuss how the heat effects Josh's grundle and County Fair metal heads. Pants off dance off is finally explained. Hey, it's better than giving a deposition.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Like Fun! Episode 16

This week our Adventurers interview the Faboo Hathaway Dilba, head of promotions at Ale Asylum. The boys explore all of the hoppy and malty ales at AA and catch wind of some neato new changes arriving this fall! Hathaway and our hosts explore why Hitler loved 4/20 so much, Pokemon GO, Garden Talk, and Ghostbusting for brewers.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Like Fun! Episode 15

On a boat! The boys get together in the great outdoors. This episode is recorded on the ultimate Wisconsin vacation destination, a pontoon boat. Whilst soaking up the summer rays the boys discover why Michelob is not beer, how the sausage is made, life on the rez, and why frogs? The episode was recorded on a boat (did I mention) so please excuse the drop in sound quality. Oh, and keep it slow kids... There is definitely NO WAKE