Saturday, April 15, 2017

Like Fun! Episode 40

This is 40: After many years of marriage, Josh (Paul Rudd) is the sole male in a household that includes his wife, Greg (Leslie Mann), and two young daughters (Iris Apatow, Maude Apatow). As Josh struggles to keep his podcast afloat, he and Greg navigate a three-week course of sex and romance, career victories and financial hardships, aging parents and maturing children. They'll have to learn to forgive, forget and enjoy the rest of their lives -- before they kill each other.

Just kidding, we review 'Reward' by Good City Brewing in Milwaukee WI

Break Music Provided by Horseshoes and Hand-grenades

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Like Fun! Episode 39

The Mason (lounge) and her proud owner Brian Richgels host us on our Season Two Premier. The Mason has been a staple of 'hip' or 'it' in Madison for over half a decade and the boys drop by to find out what 'it' is. The beer list, music, seating, and overall vibe just scream MADISON and we can't get enough. Weiss Nix by The Vintage Brewing Co. is compared to Roll out the Barrel, 99 red balloons, and Brett Favre's monster-dong.

Break Music Provided by The Cork n' Bottle String Band